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The Master's Postgraduate Program in Physical Activity Sciences at the University Salgado de Oliveira-PPGCAF (CAPES code 31025013002P0) was approved on October 10, 2006 – D. O. – according to opinion nº 165/2006,  and Portaria nº 2000 de 20/12/2006, meets the legal requirements for its operation, being accredited in ordinance MEC 609 of 03/14/2019, published on page 103 of Section 1 of the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU) of March 18, 2019.


The proposal to create the Postgraduate Program in Physical Activity Sciences (PPGCAF) at the Salgado de Oliveira University (UNIVERSO) emerged in 2005 as a natural consequence of the university's expansion goals in teaching and research in postgraduate studies. The growth of its undergraduate course in Physical Education and the growing professional search for Master's level training.


Having received authorization from CAPES to operate in February 2006, PPGCAF held the selection competition for the first class of the Master's Course in June 2006 and effectively began its activities in August 2006, carrying out a second selection in February 2007. Since then, the course has been carrying out selections every six months.


The PPGCAF was approved in 2006, an essential fact in regional terms since the only course existing at the time was at Gama Filho University. There was, therefore, a pent-up demand for candidates interested in this level of specialization. Considering the number of HEIs in Rio de Janeiro in 2006 (24 HEIs), the PPGCAF gave professionals with different backgrounds, many of them coming from HEIs in the region, a chance to obtain a master's degree. In this context, it is equally important to consider the gap left by the closure of Universidade Gama Filho (UGF), which had a consolidated Postgraduate Program. The extinction of this program left the State of Rio de Janeiro with a large deficit.


The implementation of PPGCAF, therefore, responded to an essential regional demand. The State of Rio de Janeiro currently only has two other master's degrees in the area, in the city of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ and UFRJ), and one in the city of Niterói (PPGCAF), which is insufficient to absorb the contingent of interested parties. Thus, we live in a situation where many candidates with academic competence compatible with the demands of a master's degree find themselves unable to pursue it. Sensitive to this reality and aware of its social responsibility, in addition to meeting this demand, PPGCAF has a scholarship policy, unique in terms of courses offered by private HEIs - currently, all students enrolled at PPGCAF have scholarships equivalent to 100% (48 students), 80% (2 students) and 50% (1 student) of the monthly fees.


UNIVERSO's academic units are comprised of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research and extension coordinators. PPGCAF coexists with two others in psychology and history, accredited by CAPES. PPGCAF currently has a permanent staff of 14 permanent teachers and two collaborators. The master's course is structured closely with the Undergraduate Coordination of the Physical Education course, interacting with scientific initiation programs, supervising course completion work, and offering face-to-face and distance education courses (EAD) subjects.


The PPGCAF-UNIVERSO program's general objective is to encourage knowledge production and train qualified personnel to carry out research activities and higher education, thus contributing to the advancement of knowledge in Physical Activity Sciences. These objectives are in line with the Institutional Development Plan of the Salgado de Oliveira University, as follows (excerpt from the PDI):


Mission: The Salgado de Oliveira University – UNIVERSO – is a multi-campus institution with the mission of promoting the integral formation of man, providing education opportunities for all, based on ethical and moral values and committed to the social responsibilities of the community in which it operates.


Vision: Aware of the seriousness of the educational work it develops, Universidade Salgado de Oliveira – UNIVERSO – wishes to be recognized as one of the ten first private higher education institutions in the country, standing out for its social responsibility and the training of professionals with high competitiveness in the world of work. Professionals trained by UNIVERSO must be recognized for their ability to:


• think and act entrepreneurially;

• develop projects, looking for business opportunities;

• lead work teams to achieving success in projects;

• integrate human, administrative, and technological skills;

• produce knowledge, developing divergent and social-critical thinking, seeking innovative solutions;

• get to know your regional environment, interacting with national and international environments;

• select the most appropriate information for each stage of your professional life;

• permanently seek knowledge through continuing education;

• commit to the community's social programs;

• carry out their activities with commitment and dedication, expressing their talents and skills, prioritizing ethical and moral values;

• value artistic-cultural activities as a form of personal growth;

• prioritize actions that guarantee the sustainability of business and environmental projects;

• interact and master the different types of languages involved with new information technologies and social media; dialogue with differences to promote social inclusion actions and strengthen the commitment to the exercise of democracy and the guarantee of fundamental freedoms.


Values: UNIVERSO bases the management and training work of its professionals on values aimed at ensuring:

• Ethics – respect and cooperation;

• Morality – dignity and loyalty;

• Fraternity – dedication, solidarity and humanism;

• Equality and Freedom – responsibility and citizenship;

• Sustainability – respect for the environment, entrepreneurship and quality of life;

• Globality – the connection between geographically distant regions, respecting their cultural specificities and, at the same time, influencing, transforming, and scaling new knowledge resulting from the exchange of social, political, and economic diversity;

• Generosity – recognizes its students' economic and social diversity, adapting the scholarship policy.


Therefore, the specific objectives of the PPGCAF are:


a) Contribute to promoting the integration of areas of knowledge, academic disciplines, and technologies relevant to the foundation and development of Physical Activity Sciences;


b) Promote reflection on issues that permeate theory and practice in Physical Activity Sciences through the development of teaching and research activities;


c) Provide the expansion and deepening of theoretical and methodological knowledge of higher education professionals interested in Physical Activity Sciences;


d) Contribute to the training of high-level researchers, aware of their social role, using advanced techniques in scientific methods, writing, and reading;


e) Train teachers capable of working in higher education institutions, applying innovative methods, and forming opinions in the field of Physical Activity Sciences;


f) Effectively establish itself as a center of research excellence in Physical Activity Sciences.



Aldair José de Oliveira

José Eduardo Lattari Rayol Prati

Renata de Sá Osborne da Costa

Roberto Poton

Roberto Ferreira dos Santos

Silvio Rodrigues Marques Neto

Wallace David Monteiro

Carlos Alberto Figueiredo da Silva

Tiago Ribeiro 

Leonardo Mataruna-Dos-Santos

Grit Kirstin Koeltzsch

Bruno Ribeiro Ramalho de Oliveira

Martha Lenora Copolillo

Thiago Guimarães

Adalgiza Moreno

Claudio Melibeu Bentes

Sara Lucia Silveira de Menezes

Corpo Docente


Telefone:+55 21 2138-4926 e 21384927


Rua Marechal Deodoro 217, Bloco A, 2º andar, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - CEP: 24030-060

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